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Psychotherapy rooted in the cyclical nature of life.

Psychotherapy ​Sessions


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Soul Work

Body and Mind disconnected from ​Soul leads to illness, unrest, ​disturbance. With patience and ​attunement, the Soul can be heard ​whispering the way back to ​wholeness, and dare I say, purpose.

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The language of Soul is symbolic ​and archetypal, and sometimes ​requires a translator. My goal as ​psychotherapist is to listen deeply ​for the message underlying the ​symptoms, struggle and suffering.

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In our modern world, we often miss ​the cues and signals that indicate a ​shift into a new chapter in our lives. ​It is never too late to pick up the ​plot and re-engage the unfolding ​story of your life.


of Psychotherapy


Step out of your ​ordinary routine and ​deepen the connection ​to your inner world.


... larger archetypal ​patterns at work in ​your life and the ​whispers of your soul.

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... your inner power as ​you witness & release ​frozen emotional states ​and stored trauma.


... a relationship to the ​parts of Self that make ​up your internal world ​and learn self-care.


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Internal Family Systems

Also known as “parts-work”, I find ​this to be a very helpful way of re-​orienting clients into a new ​relationship to Self. I seek to help ​clients identify, engage, relate and ​re-parent parts as appropriate.

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Focusing is a helpful framework for ​learning to listen to the body and ​unlock the wisdom within. Learning ​from thoughts, images, memories, ​sensations and emotions arising from ​the body in the present moment.

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Imaginal Journeying

A combination of Internal Family ​Systems & Jungian Active ​Imagination designed to guide ​clients into dis-identifying and un-​merging from parts and beginning to ​relate from Self towards parts in ​need.

My Clients

Recognize the spiralic nature of reality and the non-linear path

Working with me is a way-finding process. My commitment is to ​helping be a clear mirror for you to see your life, your choices, ​your patterns. We cannot change what we cannot name.

Bring their weirdness/uniqueness to the therapeutic relationship

Whether it’s your unique way of connecting to the divine, your ​mystical practices, your strange encounters, experiences of non-​ordinary states of consciousness - I welcome it all!

Long to be held in sacred sisterhood/siblinghood

I see myself as held by a sacred web of sisters, mothers, aunties, ​grandmothers. And no, you don’t have to be a woman to work ​with me, but I do come from a place of deep connection to the ​feminine.

Educational Lineage

Registered Psychotherapist, Qualifying,

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

Member of the Canadian Counselling & ​Psychotherapy Association

Masters in Counselling and Spirituality;

Saint-Paul University

Bachelors in Human Relations and Spirituality ;

Saint-Paul University

Bachelors of Arts in Fashion Design;

Toronto Metropolitan University

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I acknowledge that I am engaging in the practice of Soul-work on the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg People. Reverence for ​the importance of ​lineage, elders, and ancestral wisdom have led me ​to ongoing active inquiry into my personal role ​in perpectuating colonial practices. I ​am engaged in the ongoing practice of learning what is mine to do, including grief-work and devotion to ancestral healing as a way of life.